The Family Farm

It all started when I was visiting my brother, Jim and his wife Lisa in their home a couple of weeks before Christmas. We were talking about Christmas gifts and how hard it is to buy for our adult children. I suggested the PWRDF World of Gifts as a way to help vulnerable people and honour our adult children. So we looked at the various selections and pricing. There is something that will make a difference in someone’s life in every price range. We looked all the wonderful things that we could purchase and eventually, we reached a point where we just could not decide what to buy.

Then we saw this page and Jim said Let’s buy The Whole Farm” !   I was worried about the prices and we talked about it for awhile. It is such a good buy, we pay $470 but with the monetary matches, we would be getting a $3, 290 farm. I love a bargain but I also have limited funds and so did Jim and Lisa. That’s when we had the best idea ever. Instead of us purchasing the farm for our children, we decided to have our children pay for the farm! We really like that idea and decided that was the way to go. (Story continues following the picture below)

The Whole Farm

Ok , we will ask the family to donate to the farm to help a village in Africa. We were pleasantly surprised when the family responded generously to to idea. Soon I had quite a little nest of money for the farm, but our family is not very big, and it looked like we may have bitten off more than we could chew. However, we were having fun with the farm that we named the Mott/Walling Family Farm. Jim’s daughter even named the animals so it became like a real farm to her.

I am the Parish of Central Kings PWRDF Representative (also the Diocesan of Fredericton Representative), and as such I decided to share with the parishes of Central Kings and Upham our idea of buying the farm. I didn’t expect the response I got, but several people immediately and generously donated money to the Mott/Walling Farm project. That was enough to put us over the top! Now we can buy the farm for real.

The next decision was who will we honour with the purchase. We made donors out of all the family and that was blessings for them. Now we were looking to bless someone else. A family meeting came up with the idea of dedicating the farm to our priests in Central Kings and Upham: Rev. Rob Marsh and Rev. Brenda Fowler. They are so supportive of PWRDF, and it was their two parishes that donated the money to complete the project. The whole family loved that idea.

That’s the story about the Mott/Walling family farm. Both our family and our church family are very pleased to have dedicated the farm to Rev. Rob and Rev. Brenda in appreciation for their support to PWRDF.

Who will benefit from this gift to PWRDF? We have indicated that we want the gift to benefit the All Mothers and Children Count program ( . Follow the link for more information.

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