I have been writing Blog spots since I started this project but I keep losing the Blog page!!

Well I think I have finally figured it out.  I went back to the beginning of how to set up a new web and discovered that if I wanted a static front page, I have to create two pages.  One for the home page and one for the blog.  Otherwise, the blog post interfere with the home page and eventually take it over.

As I have said before – in the lost blog posts, I am creating a new web page for my parish because the program I have been using is obsolete and does not adjust automatically to the new devices. For example , on the phone my page was miniscule and pretty much impossible to read.  WordPress has all the codes necessary for the current web situation so I want to give it a fair chance to fulfill our needs.

I am very much open to advice regarding style and content to our site.  What do you think should be included or omitted?